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Tivoli Boot Cattail Iii Women's Shell quarry Non Sorel qwZ7BPy

Cattail Tivoli Boot Shell Sorel Non quarry Iii Women's Iii quarry Cattail Boot Non Shell Sorel Tivoli Women's Welcome to the Forge – Pine Cove’s Christian leadership training program. The Forge is an 8-month resident discipleship program designed to develop followers and prepare leaders for a lifetime of good works.

From August to May each year, a small number of young men and women make the decision to set aside 8 months of their lives towards developing character, identity and discipline consistent with Christian leadership. The close community and rigorous curriculum challenge the students to discover not just what they can accomplish – but who they really are. In so doing, they become men and women who aren’t performers; they are leaders.

The Forge offers Christian discipleship training within the various departments of the world-class camp ministry of Pine Cove. Experience is the classroom. Worldview, theology, Bible study, and leadership theory are the fields of study. Seasoned leaders from various ministries, churches, seminaries, universities, including Pine Cove staff and family, are the curriculum.

For any young adult interested in a Christian leadership training program, the Forge is an opportunity not only to grow in one’s relationship with Jesus Christ, but also be shaped for ministry leadership through challenge, discipleship, and practical experience.


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