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Define and deploy multi-container apps in Kubernetes, from source

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Forge 0.4.13 is now available
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Forge uses your Kubernetes manifest and Dockerfile -- so it’s easy to use and learn.

Are you a Kubernetes application developer who wants to deploy your application from source into Kubernetes? Are you looking to have the same deployment workflow for both your CI system and your dev environment?

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  1. Create a service template in source control that defines how your application is built in a Dockerfile, and how it's deployed with a Kubernetes manifest. Here's a sample Python service template:

    $ git clone https://github.com/datawire/hello-world-python.git
  2. Add a Cosmos Sandals kombi Grau Turm Women's 399 Gray kombi 91516 service.yaml to your service that specifies the service name, any dependencies, and as many different deployment configurations as you want.

      name: hello-world
          endpoint: /hello/
          max_memory: 0.5G
          max_cpu: 0.5
          endpoint: /hello/
          weight: 10.0
          max_memory: 0.5G
          max_cpu: 0.5
  3. Teva Original Lifestyle White Slide Outdoor Women's And Bright Universal Sandal Sports rrxUg5nqSB and configure the Forge binary (if you want, you can even check this into source control, too).

    $ curl https://s3.amazonaws.com/datawire-static-files/forge/$(curl https://s3.amazonaws.com/datawire-static-files/forge/latest.url)/forge -o /tmp/forge
    $ chmod a+x /tmp/forge
    $ sudo mv /tmp/forge /usr/local/bin
    $ forge setup
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  4. Deploy the service into Kubernetes:

    $ forge deploy
  5. Install Ambassador, the Envoy-based Kubernetes API Gateway, and automatically deploy a canary version of your service.

    $ forge --profile canary deploy
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