Welcome to YA Trading International (Pvt) Limited, a private owned company engaged in general trading, headquartered in Colombo,Sri Lanka SouthAsia’s Gateway. The company’s main business activities are in General

  • Trading
  • To import- Machineries of all kinds, new or reconditioned,, Appointed Agents of Plastering Machines used in the construction Industry of BAPRO Technologies Poland as Its Sole Agent for South Asia- , Electrical and Electronic Home Appliances,.Medicines and Cosmeticss,.Products Automobiles and vehicles Reconditioned-Be it for Private or Commercial purposes And Instruments of scientific, medical nature, etc.. and Pharmaceutical products.and raw materials for manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing- We do contract Manufacturing i.e for e,g canning Tuna, Salmon, Mushrooms, tender Bamboos virtually FMCG’s in the Food Industry.
  • Projects- Complete Turnkey solutions like production of LVP’s (Large Volume Parenterals Like Saline/NACL Solutions, or SVP’s Short Volume Parenterals like Ears,Eyes, nose Drops using BFS (Blow Fill Seal) Technology using the latest Machineries from Germany or AFFS (Advanced Form Fill Seal Technology) With our Indian partner AXA Parenterals - http://www.axaparenterals.com/ Mechanized Agriculture and Dairy Farming- using up to date Technology from Europe and Livestock from Australia and New Zealand. Also EMU Farming together with Poultry.

Fruit pulp and concentrated juice production and RTD (Ready to Drink) either PET Bottle Lines or Tetra packs.

Used Tires to convert them to usable rubber Granules of 40 /80/100 Mesh in order to Manufacture either tires again or synthetic rubber based Products like rubber Tiles used In Playgrounds, Gyms, school yards, pavements where the injury risks are narrowed. There are two processes involved and they are
a) the ambient process using heat technology
b) Cryogenic Process using freeze Technology. 

Modern Fuel stations-Bio Fuels-Electric Power production using
i-Bio-Gas- Bio-Fuels
ii- Water or Mini Hydro Plants using Turbine blades made of light Metal Alloys so that even if there is a faint water flow rate or drop in water levels, the efficiency of using light Alloys is proven.
iii-Wind turbines- Here again not big is necessarily successful, it is the wind harvesting Technology which we have proved in our Pre-Feasibility studies.

Waste Management Projects- Bio gas Manufacturing using Agro waste like Fruit and vegetable waste, animal waste and lastly pioneer in human waste conversion into Energy and as a byproduct compost.

Coconut based production of VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut butter, cocopeat, charcoal etc.

Our Mission
To improve the quality of life for our people, customers and society.

Our Vision
To be a pioneering Company, utilizing international best practices and to live by our core values.

Our Philosophy
Honesty, Transparency and above all trust are the pillars of our business Philosophy!!
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