YA Trading International (Pvt) Ltd,  provides you with our Visa Services where  our Professional Team of Experts, like Mr. Shiraz M Irfahan, a former Visa Officer of the Switzerland Embassy in Colombo and for Immigratrion and visa requirements , we also have in our Team a former Chief Immigration Oficer  Mr. Thambawita who would guide you with their valuable advice. 

All our immigration advisors are all highly skilled and qualified.  all experts in their specific area of Immigration law ready to assist you today.

For confidential advice feel free to take our free assessment to start your application today.

Complete Transparency
YA Trading International (Pvt) Ltd’s immigration and visa services provide a no nonsense, no jargon approach. Our dedicated, friendly and expert consultants explain every step of each application while ensuring all documentation is processed in the most efficient, cost effective manner and consultants are highly qualified to handle your cases and personnel international secondments visa requirements, localising staff and obtaining overseas recruitment programmes or simply, Tourist,  business or  visitor visas.

YA Trading International (Pvt) Ltd offers a flat fee structure to all of our visa service clients and partners. There are no hidden costs for further documentation or ongoing policy advice.

To learn more about how we can assist call us to make an appointment for assessment.

We offer a complete immigration solution, but we do much more than simply arrange visas. Our experts provide a complete solution from removing all the stress and hassle from this tiring complicated process. Our experts also assist with preparing for your Visit as a Tourist, Visitor, Business, Studies, Employment, finding the fastest way to get the required Authorization

Our fees are based on a case by case basis and are set with our client before any work is completed.  You will be provided a clear breakdown of our fees and the total costs of the immigration process prior to becoming our client.  All Government fees and taxes are paid seperately.

Visit Visa / Tourist Visa Applications, Appeals of Rejected Visa Applications, Migration, Student Visas, Work Permits, Permanent Residence, Dependent Visas, Spouse Visas, Parent Visas, Business/Entrepreneur Visas and Same-Gender Visas.

As a  visa consultancy and processing firm. YA Trading International (Pvt) Ltd has a  network of barristers, solicitors, registered migration agents, licensed visa consultants, and highly experienced processing staff.

YA Trading International (Pvt) Ltd will provide specialist consulting services and successfully processing all types of complex visas for clients travelling to countries around the world.
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Consultation & Assessment
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YA Trading International (Pvt) Ltd offers initial consultation and assessment for clients who wish to inquire about their visa application viability to prospective countries. Customers can do this by making  an appointment with a consultant at our Office.

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YA Trading International (Pvt) Ltd 
The company has expertise in the following visas categories: Visit Visa / Tourist Visa Applications, Appeals of Rejected Visa Applications, Migration, Student Visas, Work Permits, Permanent Residence, Citizenship, Dependent Visas, Spouse Visas, Parent Visas, Business/Entrepreneur Visas.
After receiving a quotation for contracted services, clients can decide whether they would like to go ahead with our Services. All contracted clients will be issued with a document checklist which clearly specifies all essential and supporting documents that would be required for a successful visa application...
Guaranteed accuracy, privacy and Secrecy...

What you get:
  • A visa application professionally prepared by a consultant
  • Guidance and Expertise
  • Representation to handle your immigration affairs
  • Up to date information on law changes that may affect you
  • Real-time status updates of your case
  • Dedicated visa consultant
The company's visa and passport application process is standardized and easy duplicated for all diplomatic missions:
  • Visa and passport related information disseminated through face to face interaction with the Embassies and  the VFS l centres which handle on behalf.
  • Thorough pre screening of visa and passport application by the company's highly trained service officers. Reduces risks of errors, incomplete forms and saves time for applicants and diplomatic missions
  • We are in the heart of Colombo, accessible, equipped with state of the art technology and boast of a friendly and highly trained staff
  • Guaranteed accuracy, privacy and security
01. Short Term - Visit Visas
1. Invitation to visit Relatives, Friends
2. Tourist
3. Business
4. Specialized Visa to attend Meetings-Incentives-Conventions/Conferences Exhibitions and Events. Arranging Group Visas for professional Dance/Music/Theater and performing Arts Groups and Sports Teams/Clubs etc.
5. Other specialized forms of Visas

02. Long Term Visas - This procedure is time consuming and requires patience and accuracy as well as well versed in immigration Laws of the respective Country
1. Student Visas
2. Spouse /Famile re-union Visas
3. Professional and highly skilled category of semi-and technically skilled
4. Specialized Visas requiring prior permission from relevant Authorities in the respective country of migration
5. Investment visa- Long term Business Visa
6. And other long term Visas

Refusals & Appeals : And you right of Appeal
However, if unfortunately you apply for visa and your visa is refused, you will receive written explanation for the visa refusal from the Consular Division of the Country you are applying. Remember that every refusal is reviewed by a visa officer other than the one who made the negative decision to make sure that the refusal decision is fair. For some types of visa refusal there is a right of appeal against the decision The visa officer will send you the notice of refusal along with the notice of appeal. The notice of refusal will explain the reason for the refusal while the notice of appeal contains appeal form and it will also explain how to appeal against the refusal.
We  will provide  immigration experts and that is Mr.Irfahan and Mr. Thambuwattage who will assist you and also prepare and help you to appeal against any negative decisions after consultations with our Team of Experts and we are sure of that.
Just try us out. In any case, we guarantee 100% success after weighing the pros and contras and after seeing you in person and having a good look at your Documents. But we also advice you on how you could get your up to now not taken into consideration Facts about for e.g an educational Course which ws not regarded and had it been the case, the College would certainly have not refused admission. Typical examples of cases where no professional advice was not taken before. So act wisely and come to us. THIS IS YOUR FIRST STEP TO SUCCESS!!!
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